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CVA Series Splice Vault

MacLean Highline Products manufactures the highest quality polymer concrete vaults. Polymer Concrete combines polyester resin with aggregate and is reinforced with fiberglass for exceptional strength and durability. MacLean Highline's vaults consist of a polymer concrete top and bottom ring, cover and corner post, with corrugated fiberglass sidewalls. Our vaults are 30-40% lighter weight compared to all polymer concrete vaults. These units are ideal for incidental traffic applications for Telecommunications, CATV, DOT, Electric Utilities Water Utilities, Wind Farms and commercial and industrial projects.

MacLean Highline Pull Boxes and Vaults are:

  • Designed for Tier 8 (12,000lbs), Tier 15 (22,500lbs) contact Highline for Tier 22 (33,750lbs) applications
  • Exceeds SCTE 77-2007 and W.U.C.3.6
  • Has the patented NUTN2IT® field replaceable nut
  • Lightweight compared to concrete, 3 times the compressive strength
  • Exceptional resistance to chemicals, fertilizers and sunlight
  • Made from non-metallic, non-conductive and non-flammable material
  • Not affected by freeze/thaw conditions
  • Impact and corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easily field adaptable if conduit holes are required, fiberglass side walls require no special equipment to drill thru
  • Cost effective
  • Skid resistant covers

Industry Standards and Testing
Part Number Scheme and Options | Specifications | Installation Procedure

  CVA Series
Tier 8, 15 and 22
CVG Series
Tier 8, 15 and 22
PHA Series
Tier 8, 15 and 22
PHG Series
Tier 8, 15 and 22
30x48x18   CVA304818 PHA304818 PHG304818*
30x48x24 CVA304824 CVG304824 PHA304824 PHG304824*
30x48x30 CVA304830 CVG304830 PHA304830 PHG304830*
30x48x36 CVA304836 CVG304836 PHA304836 PHG304836*
30x48x48 CVA304848 CVG304848    
30x60x18   CVG306018    
30x60x24   CVG306024    
30x60x30   CVG306030   PHG306030
30x60x36   CVG306036   PHG306036
30x60x48   CVG306048    
36x36x24 CVA363624      
36x36x36 CVA363636   PHA363636 PHG363636*
36x36x48 CVA363648      
36x60x18   CVG366018    
30x60x24   CVG366024    
36x60x30   CVG366030   PHG366030
36x60x36   CVG366036   PHG366036
36x60x48   CVG366048    
36X72X24   CVG367224    
36x72x36   CVG367236   PHG367236
36x72x48   CVG367248    
48X48X24   CVG484824    
48x48x36   CVG484836    
48x48x48   CVG484848   PHG484848
48X72X24   CVG487224    
48x72x36   CVG487236   PHG487236
48x72x48   CVG487248    
48X78X24   CVG487824    
48x78x36   CVG487836    
48x78x48   CVG487848   PHG487848
48X96X24   CVG489624    
48x96x30   CVA489630    
48x96x36   CVG489636    
48x96x48   CVG489648   PHG489648

*Units also available with a single piece cover (PHA series).

All PHG and CVA/CVG vaults stack.

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